How to Hold an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

A board meeting for nonprofits should be a lively and informative affair. This can be achieved by keeping the focus on the organization’s objectives and mission by ensuring clear communication. Meetings are often filled with organizational utorebki na ramię materiałowe 4t moottorin toiminta ruohonleikkuri camicia leggera donna касичка за пари с брояч best tool to cut bamboo sandali gioiello dorati online camicia leggera donna custom bball jerseys billig mesh wifi מסכה שחורה לפנים best tool to cut bamboo nejlepsi golfky adidas women s soccer tiro 17 training pants jarny veniec zo stuziek custom bike jerseys pdates which waste time, or by impassioned discussions of specific topics from only a few people in the room (we all know the person). A little extra effort can keep the discussion lively and help the board members stay involved with the goals of your organization. A video showing client testimonials is a great way to connect the members of your board with your mission.

Be sure that your agenda for the board meeting is well-planned in advance. If necessary an event facilitator could be hired to assist with this, or a committee of board members should take responsibility for preparing the agenda and ensuring important documents are prepared and sent out ahead of the board meeting. Nothing can sabotage a productive board meeting faster than board members in a rush to read important documents in the midst of discussions they discuss them or worse do not have the necessary documents available at all.

Boards should not be spending more than 25 percent of their time at meetings on updates and “have to’s”. A lot of time is wasted by board members who get lost in the details of committee chair reports, officer reports, and other items that are routine. A lot of these items can be reduced to 5-10 mins, and easily included in a meeting agenda or regular emails to the board.

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