How to Increase Board Meeting Productivity

Board meetings can be a great place to have productive discussions that help the company attain its goals. The most effective boards encourage lively discussions, a variety of opinions, and fresh insights. However, the effectiveness of meetings isn’t always certain. Board members are often distracted by personal issues, technology or a lack of organization when planning their meetings. It is important to identify the causes of ineffective board meetings to ensure that the meetings run smoothly.

Repetition of the same issues is a common cause for ineffective board meetings. This happens when board members aren’t aware of the responsibilities they have to fulfill or if they didn’t act upon previous meetings. It is important to keep board meeting minutes that are concise and clear.

Another issue that is common is that members are engulfed in lengthy reports and other routine items on the agenda. This can cause members to leave and become less active. To reduce the length of meetings, it is suggested that you reduce the time spent on reports to 25% and leave the majority for strategic discussions.

Additionally, it is crucial that all attendees are prepared for the meeting beforehand. To do this, the agenda and any necessary attachments must be shared with attendees before the meeting. Board members can be better prepared for meetings by having all relevant information in a central location.

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